Six Tips For Building A Content-Rich Website

A content-rich website is an effective route for achieving lasting success. A diverse range of innovative content, relevant to your business, will not only pique the interest of your viewers, but also improve the site’s search engine ranking.

Creating new and unique content requires creative thinking. If you need some inspiration and advice for creating new content, consider the following.

  1. Address your viewers’ problems and provide relevant information for free

Although the primary purpose of your website is to make money, it is worth it to put up something that can be accessed without a charge. A plethora of hard-sell messages weakens your online productivity.

People use the internet to find answers to questions, so why not provide some of those solutions on your website? Provide articles and FAQs, rich with appropriate information in order to earn your viewers’ approval. This practice is known as “pre-selling”, and it is no less important than selling itself.

  1. Share your knowledge through writing about what you specialize in

People may be completely unaware of certain facts about your products and services. Your expertise in a certain subject can come in handy for creating an interesting written work that you can put up on your website.

Say you are in the business of digital camera sales, and you know what features may appeal to certain people. There a lot of people who will be happy learn about it, and will appreciate some unbiased information before they make a purchase.

  1. Find existing written pieces and generate comparatively interesting articles

Make use of keywords in search engines to generate content similar to what you intend to write, and delve into relevant links. The information may be given in a standard paragraph format, or even a bullet-point list. Incorporate this information with your own knowledge to create improved content.

You can even quotes or cite works from other websites if you believe they are more impactful in their original form. This idea is in fact the base of Google’s PageRank system, where websites can vote and provide for other websites with exceptional content.

  1. Create content with the help of your readers

If you are unsure of what content appeals to the target masses, then why not ask them? You can do this by encouraging your web visitors to submit their questions, questions which you can then refer to when creating a new article where you provide answers.

If you want a good example of this approach, Dave Taylor’s site is a leading one. The tech geek specializes in computers, operating systems, html, software and other technical matters, and you can visit the website to post a question about any of these. Dave’s answers have totaled up to thousands of pages of excellent information; the tech expert actually has a Google index of 29,300 pages!

Of course, you do not have to generate thousands of pages in information, but just like Dave, you can eliminate a possible writer’s block through creating question-based content.

  1. Revise and rewrite articles by the experts

Creating new content is not necessary; especially someone in the field has already posted something quite great. Simply put in your own perspective on the same information by reprinting an existing piece. You may have to provide a reference for the original author, but if the article goes well with the theme of your website, then it is a good strategy.

Sites such as and consist of free reprint articles.

  1. Allow the readers to directly create new content

An input from the viewers is a great way to enhance the quantity of content and enhance their own interest in your website. The “comments” section has become a popular feature in most blogs over the years.

Online forums or bulletin boards with threads of posts are another excellent way to boost content. You can use phpBB, the forum software encompassing several hosting plans. With enough traffic, you can create several new pages of creative new content. Though these forums are moderated, the amount of useful new content is worth it.

If you feel like your site is falling behind on generating new content, then heed these six tips to provide some. These strategies will make your site a visit-worthy domain, as people will be able to find the answers they are looking for.

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