Online Business And The Solution Driven Mindset

Having a solution driven mindset is a gift indeed. As opposed to trying to avoid a problem or finding excuses for it, you are resolute in your purpose of providing an appropriate answer. Problems arise in a number of matters, and an online business is no exception. While you may fail to reach your goals, your resolution will keep you from remaining behind for long.

A solution driven mind, or as many of you refer to it as a “no excuses” strategy, is a key element in online business success. Don’t take it too harshly, but think of it as a way to fulfill your goals. The purpose of a solution driven mindset in an online business is typically to generate more profit by conquering all your problems.

A solution driven mindset encompasses the following practices:

  • Fixing or mitigating a problem when you encounter it,
  • Finding a way to avert a problem when you predict it,
  • Contemplate on ways to avoid a repeat failure if you do fail to accomplish something the first time.

These practices are well-thought out, yes. But how do you go on about solving a problem?


The foremost way of deriving a solution is learning about it. As they say, “knowledge is power”. Familiarize yourself with the nuances of running an online business. Once you have enough knowledge about it, working on the internet will becomes easier.

Get to know those technical jargons, and you will be surprised to learn they are not as complex as you assumed. What appears to be difficult at the first glance is actually quite simple.


The next way in solving a problem is the act itself. Knowledge alone is not enough if your do not apply it well. Know that act does not mean panic, but rather overcome adversity by putting a solution into effect. Devise a plan, and see it through.


Know that you will not find a solution if you go on about doing any of these:

  • Ignoring the problem:Problems are very real, and willing a problem away will not actually make it disappear, but rather increase its intensity.
  • Not preventing a possible problem:The ability to foresee a difficulty is a blessing, and I personally know that this can be daunting. Not taking advantage of foresight and stopping the problem in its initial tracks is not the way to handle it. It’ll take a lot less effort, time and money if you avert a problem before it manifests.
  • Admitting defeat: Making excuses or giving up when you cannot solve a problem is not helpful. You either need educate yourself on deriving a solution, or find someone who can do it for you.
  • Letting the problem conquer you:Your failures are a not a reflection of you, but simply a fact of life. People make mistakes, and if you make a mistake, face the consequences, see through your errors, and try again.
  • Panicking:I cannot emphasize on it enough; to panic is to waste considerable time and money. I have observed former supervisors take a panicked course of action, and then bring about feared consequences on themselves. Thus, when it gets tough, suppress panic and “take things seriously”.

For those of you starting an online business, I encourage the development of a solution driven mindset. Once you resolve problems and make a comeback from defeats, the path to online wealth becomes simpler and more rewarding.

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