How to Make a Living Online – and How Not To!

There are thousands, probably millions of make-money-online articles. However, the problem is that most of them have some hidden, underlying motive that serves their enterprise.

Then, there are ads which have phrases, like no stocks to buy, no customers to deal with, make a ton of cash, etc.

All of this has given online businesses a bad reputation.

Let’s Get Down to the Basics

Here are 5 general assumptions about online business. Let’s evaluate each of them in some detail:

1. Anyone Can Make a Living Online

This one’s generally true, but with an additional condition. Anyone who is willing to spend time and be patient can make a living online. Being a successful online entrepreneur requires more than just common sense. If you are willing to stay committed, there’s no stopping you.

2. You Do Not Need Capital to Start With

This one is a myth that has been propagated by online ads. From bills to costs of hosting your website, you will need to make an initial investment to get started. As my dad aptly put it, ‘You don’t get owt for nowt!’ meaning ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’.

3. It’s Much Cheaper to Start a Business Online than in the Real World

This is true because with an online venture, you do not need to have a physical location to start with. All you need is a computer, internet access and electricity and you are good to go.

4. You Do Not Need to Sell Products and Services to Make Money Online

In the online world, there are many ways to earn money other than selling goods and services. You can set up your own blog, you can handle social media marketing for a company, you can trade stocks online or engage in other online ventures without selling anything.

5. You Can Make Money Instantly

When talking about establishing a credible online business, the above statement is quite false. Being successful in the online world requires time and commitment. Keeping unrealistic expectations will disappoint you in the long-run.

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