Beginners guide to starting an online business

The success of your online business doesn’t depend on your programming or typing skills. Even if you have the technical know-how and knowledge of trials and errors in the online business field, you still need more to turn your efforts into a worthwhile endeavor.

My business career spans many years and goes back to the pre-Bill Gates world. Before the internet existed, when most enterprises were built with brick and mortar, the cost of a start-up was beyond the reach for anyone with modest means. But times are different now. It still takes a lot of hard work and perseverance along with the determination to succeed.

But, it can all be done with very little money.

Succeeding as an Online Business Owner

I’m not saying that you don’t need to have any technical skills though. The online world is pretty complex. There is a lot more required if you want your dream to be achieved. Here is a list to help you understand.

Be Persistent

You will fail in the little tasks, that much is a given. No business—I repeat, no business—has ever succeeded without its share of setbacks, so don’t think you’re jinxed just because you’re facing hardships. Don’t let go of that dream. Instead, use your failure and study your mistakes. Learn from your struggles so you know what not to do next time.

Find a Mentor

Crawl over, beg them, wash their car if necessary, but find a mentor who will be able to guide you through their experience in the field. Don’t let your heartbreak get the best of you. Find a way to become their student and learn from them. Listen to what they have to say and use their failures and successes to implement those actions on your own business ventures.

Get a Hobby

It’s for your own good. Find a pet project and do it without wondering about payments and rewards. Do it because it gets you excited, not because it makes you money (though if you can earn from it, that’s even better!). Find a venture that’s valuable to you. Put your heart and soul into it and turn the opportunity around to reap the rewards. In simple words, turn your hobby into a job that you actually enjoy doing.

Promote Your Project Site

There is some brilliant software that can help you with such skilled tasks. Learn to use them properly. Promoting your website is a key priority right now, so get as many people as you can to come to your website.

Provide them with free advice, news on your company’s activities, tips and tricks to help them learn about your talent and automate it all. Start a newsletter and get software that distributes it. And set up auto-responders so you respond to email queries in a timely manner.

Start Making Money…The Right Way

Once you have a loyal following, start selling your services and promotional products, but do so gently. You don’t want to upset the purist members of your club. Start doing so by getting a separate commercial site for this purpose only and direct your followers there by using a signature file or letter head though your newsletter.

Keep Reviewing and Improving Your Website

Review your site operation, test out the effects of your layout and try everything you can to make your site and business better. Make your online business self-sustaining so you have more free time to enjoy your personal life. But don’t forget about your business once it gets a life of its own. Remember; you need to attract more customers and maintain brand loyalty with the ones you already have. Use some part of your free time to create fresh content.

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